Satellite Meeting

‘Runaway electron-induced PFC damage’

Saturday July 13th

While the modelling of runaway electrons (RE) generated in the course of disruptions is at an advanced stage, the modelling of PFC damage due to RE incidence is at its infancy. Given recent progress in the modelling of PFC damage due to transient surface heat loads in parallel to extensive coordinated experimental validation tests, the conditions are mature enough so that a more systematic approach towards the modelling of RE-induced PFC damage can be undertaken. Such efforts have already been initiated by ITPA and here we
seek to put them in an even firmer ground.

The main idea is to bring together experimentalists and modelers from both the RE community and the PFC damage community in order to define the state-of-art and delineate a path towards future controlled RE-induced damage experiments that can serve as rigorous benchmarking exercises for the multiple simulation tools that are necessarily involved in such modelling.

Therefore, the talks shall cover (i) a survey of accidental or controlled RE-induced damage observed in contemporary devices; (ii) the modelling of REs and their incidence on PFCs (wall footprints and impact velocity distributions); (iii) the modelling of PFC damage due to volumetric heating by REs.

The meeting will  be held a splendid historical building, just next to the conference center, see

A three-course lunch in the restaurant in the same building and two coffee breaks  with pastry and small snacks are included in the registration fee (80 Euro per person). Note it is possible to participate only to the satellite meeting without attending EPS conference, the registration is separate from the main conference.