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About CLPU

The Spanish Center for Pulsed Lasers is a scientific and technical unique infrastructure

VEGA, the only laser system in Spain capable to reach one petawatt of peak power. A laser system with singular architecture, as it has three synchronized outputs of different powers that offer services to scientific users around the world.

Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA)

From the very beginning, the CLPU has looked for a versatile identity that allows more users, more experiments and more technological, scientific and innovative development without loss of quality.

High Power

Besides its high power, and the fact that VEGA can delivery very short pulses of around 30 femtoseconds at 1Hz high repetition rate, the VEGA laser system of the CLPU has very high contrast (up to 10^-12).

Creativity. Flexibility. Innovation

A cutting-edge experimental technology with great economic impact

CLPU is a Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure – ICTS

The main goal of these ancillary facilities is to support the scientific research, to promote the laser technology and to increase the innovation at this field

Know the most powerful laser in Spain
You will be given the opportunity to develop your professional career
A window to ultra-intese ultrashort pulse laser world.