Wednesday 10th, 17:00

The Board of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society and the program and local organizing committees oof the 50th edition of the Plasma Physics EPS conference warmly invites you to join the event ‘Visions for Fusion’ on Wednesday, July 10th, 2024.

The event will be held in the conference venue (Congress Palace) as a satellite activity of the 50th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics. The round table discussion will be held after the industry Exhibition in the professional and scientific perspectives of the young plasma physics generation.

Visions for Fusion is a round table discussion on the development of fusion energy. Its purpose is to update the community on how key decision makers and high-level stakeholders are addressing crucial questions for fusion power plants, while being agnostic about the conceptual approach.

The discussion will focus on the following aspects

* Time scale to a demonstration and deployment of fusion

* International collaboration

* Strengths and weakness of public and private stakeholders

* Relations between the public and the private sectors: collaboration and competition

* Fair collaboration and intellectual property rights

* Opportunities and academic education for the next generation of fusion scientists.

The round table discussion will be moderated by Richard Buttery (Director, DIII-D National Fusion Facility) and the round-table participants will include:

* Brandon Sorborn, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Commonwealth Fusion systems

* Thomas Forner, CEO and Co-founder of Focused Energy Inc.

* Yann Gérard, CEO of GenF company for Inertial Fusion Energy

* Ambrogio Fasoli, CEO of EUROfusion

* Alberto Loarte, Head of Science Division at ITER

* Allen Weeks, Director General of ELI

* Belén del Cerro, CDTI, Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

* María Teresa Domínguez Bautista, Fusion Industry Innovation Forum and Nuclear New Build and Advanced Projects Manager

Important Information

50th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
Wednesday – July 10, 2024

SPAIN4FUSION, on Wednesday 10th (15.00-17.00 h

VISION4FUSION, on Wednesday 10th (17.00-19.00 h)

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The event offers opportunities for the Plasma Physics community to discuss the path to fusion energy with stakeholders from high-caliber fusion projects both publicly and privately funded (Agreed participation: large international projects, energy industry and the management of companies and research consortia working in fusion). The format of the event is a moderated round-table discussion and will provide an opportunity to interact with the panelists.